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If you are 'not ready' do NOT select a time below...
1) Please do not be one of the people who reach out, schedule a time to speak with Adam and then are LATE! Or even worse, miss the appointment and need to reschedule.

Adam is busy, just like I'm sure you are. And nothing urks him more than people being late or wasting his time.

There's a bunch of people trying to get time with him so please be respectful of everyone's time...
2) If you are looking for the cheapest guy, Adam is probably not your guy. He's in extremely high demand, and busy with his own projects.
(Ok! Now that you've been warned... 😂)
3) Adam loves working with other people to help create amazing stuff that changes the world. If you feel like you have a project that can change the world (even if it's just in your own unique way, but actually helps people) and you just need some help getting your message to the market, Adam is your guy.
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